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How to apply

Your initial steps

If you think you might be required to apply for planning permission:

Step 1

Contact the planning department/council.
Tell the planning staff what you plan to do and ask for their advice.

Step 2

If the planning department/council think you need to apply for planning permission, ask them for an application form. They will advise how many copies of the form you will need to return and how much the application fee will be. Ask if they anticipate any difficulties that could be overcome by amending your proposal. It can save much time and trouble at a later date if your proposals also reflect what the council would like to see.

Step 3

Decide what type of application you are required to make. In the majority cases this will be a full application but there are some circumstances it could be worthwhile to make an outline application - for example, if you want to see what the council feels about the building work you intend to carry out, before you go to the trouble of making detailed drawings. If you submit an outline application you will still be required to submit full details at a later stage.

Step 4

Send the completed application forms to your council, together with the appropriate fee. A plan of the site and a copy of the drawings showing the work you propose to carry out must accompany each form. (The council will advise you on what drawings are required.)


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